With 2020 being turned on its head, staycations are looking more and more likely. Here at Virtuo, we've created a hub of ideas, guides and checklists to make sure you #dontwastesummer

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28 August 2020

Top 5 amazing places to WFH

Working from home or remote working looks like it is here to stay. A recent study found that 47% of the UK population felt that employers should not be encouraging people to go back to work if possible for them not to. Inevitably, at some point in your life, someone has probably said: “a change of scenery will do you the power of good”. But, have you ever stopped to wonder why? No? Fair enough. In short, by putting yourself in a different space and changing the visual input your brain receives, you work parts of your brain that may have switched off when staying in the same routine with the same inputs. In fact, what's more, a change of scenery can spark creativity and improve mental well being. To summarise, working remotely is here to stay and changing your scenery is a must. The question then is where to go? Well, we’ve put together our top 5 places to work remotely from. Don't worry, if you're wondering what to take with you, we've also got that covered.

15 June 2022

Best places to visit in the UK by month

Are you looking to self-quarantine this year? Maybe you fancy an obligatory 2 week stay in a hotel, no? Well, then the idea of a UK staycation may be starting to appear on your radar. For many of us, this is uncharted territory. I am very much in the clichéd bracket of being both excited and nervous about the prospect of a UK trip! Where do I go? Will the weather be good? Will the whole trip just be centred around fish and chips on a rocky beach? Fear not, I’ve done some research, I’ve spoken to people who know what they are talking about and pulled together their recommendations of the best places to visit in the UK by month. This is not going to just be a guide listing places we’ve all heard of but don’t know where to go this will get down into the all-important finer details. Let us know where you end up going by sending us a message on our Instagram.

1 July 2022

How to escape to the highlands

Here at Virtuo, we're all about getting out of the city and getting amongst nature. Almost every city is surrounded by natural beauty that often gets overlooked or forgotten about by city dwellers. To showcase how easy it is and to give you guys some cool ideas of where to go, we set Tristan Cameron-Harper the challenge of exploring some awesome places that are just two hours outside of his home city. We caught up with Tristan to find out a bit about him and the 3 awesome places he visited. We also covered why he thinks it's important to get out beyond the city walls and also what you can do when out there. Oh and stay tuned to hear his number 1 top-secret location to escape to! The best part? Our cars come with a generous mileage package that you can extend at any point so you won't be limited on where in the UK you can go!

3 August 2020

Maintaining your fitness post lockdown

The gyms are reopening their doors on Saturday 25th July and that means the nation can finally venture outside of their living rooms and gardens for a decent sweat. How can we get back into the swing of things though now that we’re heading back to normality? Here are some tips to maintain your fitness post lockdown

10 February 2020

Ultimate weekend away packing list

So, you’ve done the hard part: the destination has been chosen, the accommodation is sorted and of course, your hassle-free premium transport has been sorted thanks to Virtuo. However, now you must make sure you’ve got all the relevant essentials in order to take full advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. This can seem like quite a chore, but it’s important. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you go to plunge into the refreshing blue sea, only to find you forgot your swimming costume and your only option is to make an embarrassing dash into the water! So follow this checklist which is full of handy tips and you’ll effortlessly be on a one-way journey to the perfect trip.

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