Covid 19: we’re here for you when you need us

In a world of uncertainty, one thing is guaranteed: Virtuo is here for all your travel needs. Recent...

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15 May 2020

Top 5 things we learnt from our European survey

We recently ran a survey across Europe to find out a bit about post lockdown and how mobility is likely to be affected in this new way of living. We heard from 2120 peopl...

21 May 2020

The future of mobility in the 'new normal'

The virus isn’t going away and it's important that we learn how to live with this virus. The data is falling in the right direction and it looks like we are passing throu...

25 March 2020

Virtuo is committed to helping the Medical Professionals

We’ve been thinking about how, as a mobility provider, we could help out during this challenging and unprecedented time. We want to share what we are doing and remind you...

11 May 2020

Where to look for damage on your rental car

We’ve all been there, you've rented a car on holiday and you then you feel you have to drive incredibly cautiously to make sure you don’t make a bump or scrape. At Virtuo...

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