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2 December 2019

Everything you need to know about driving in the UK

Drive (verb): to operate and control the direction and speed of a motor vehicle (oxford). With such a succinct definition, you would think that driving was a simple task. However, throw in people not indicating when they are turning, tailgaters and the lack of international agreeance on whether driving should be done on the left or right, and what you have is a pretty complex task! Fear not, I am here to give you a detailed breakdown of the types of driver you may find, tips for driving on the other side of the road and a whistle-stop run through of some UK driving laws to look out for. Read this and your journey with Virtuo will be as simple as defining the word drive. 

27 January 2020

Driving in the UK with an Australian or Kiwi licence

If you are an Aussie or a Kiwi and you’re visiting the UK you probably want to know what the rules and regulations are around you jumping in a car and getting on the road. Fear not, we are here to give you a rundown on all you need to know. The good news is that Australia (Aus) and New Zealand (NZ) are ‘designated countries’, this means that a valid driving licence from either country permits driving on UK roads, but unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple! We know how hard it can be for kiwi's to get insurance and how many companies don't accept Aus or NZ licence full stop. However, we love our Southern hemisphere community and are proud to accept both licences to allow you to see all the UK has to offer!

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