1 April 2022

The perfect day trip from London

Find out about the perfect day with virtuo

Written by Freddie Roux

Spontaneity is born into the Virtuo DNA. In just a few clicks, you can book and unlock one of our cars and even have it delivered to your door. Sometimes, acting on impulse is exactly what the doctor ordered. Check out our itinerary of a recent trip made to Whitstable and perhaps it might just spark some spontaneity in your life. 

8:30 am

Virtuo arrives at the doorstep, roll out of bed, download the digital key, quick coffee. Scan through the Virtuo blog for the best places to visit in the UK. Pick Whitstable as it’s so close.

8:45 am

Out the door, quick damage report (thanks AI!) and in the car, CarPlay connected, start button pressed - wow it feels good to be in a Mercedes.

9:30 am

Quick pit stop at the service station on the M25. Coffee no2 because why not, I’m being spontaneous.

10.15 am

Arrive in Whitstable, car parked (Middle Wall, Whitstable CT5 1BN), a quick discussion with my mate as to whether to get another coffee - decide that it’s too much and head for the high street. I can smell the fresh air.

10:30 am

Check out the independent record store, Gatefield Sounds and find a bargain. Copped.

11:00 am

Done with the shops and decide to inject the trip with some culture - Fishlab gallery, I’m coming for you.

11:30 am

As if that wasn’t enough see another gallery, called Chappel contemporary, that’s selling some pretty cool prints that could look pretty good above my bed. The second cop of the day gets made. It feels good to be spontaneous.

12:00 pm

Galleries make you hungry, apparently. There’s one thing on my mind. I’m driving a Mercedes and I’m being spontaneous - Lobster shack here I come. This one was definitely always going to happen.

2:00 pm

Long lunch because, I deserve it - I’m living my best life (and I may have got dessert). Feeling full but nothing a walk along Whistable harbour won’t sort out.


Oops, look where we’ve landed up, sitting on the beach outside the infamous The Old Neptune pub. I’m told by my friend that it is the only pub on a beach in the UK. I don’t believe him but I’m too happy to argue. I order a lime and soda and he goes for the infamous Whitstable bay lager because when in Whitstable you do as the Whistablonians do, right?

5:00 pm

We’ve discussed whether people will ever own cars again with a service as amazing as Virtuo. One which allows you to be so spontaneous, we conclude that no they won’t. Now that’s put to bed, it’s time to walk slowly back to the car and pop in a couple of shops for some road trip snack inventory.

5:30 pm

We set off back to London, we chuck on a podcast as we’re all talked out, off menu with james acaster and ed gamble the Ivo graham episode - very funny.

7:00 pm

Back home, end my rental, quick damage report (thanks again AI) and then I’m in my house. 

7:30 pm

I receive a notification letting me know the car has been collected. What a day of spontaneity. 

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