18 April 2022

Discover the joys of wild water swimming

Discover the joys of wild water swimming

Written by Freddie Roux

Remember when you first discovered X, the seamlessness of which it fitted neatly into your life? A life you now can’t imagine without it. It took pushing yourself outside your comfort zone to initially trying it but now there’s no looking back. X will mean something different for everyone. It feels good when we discover things as sentient beings we are born to do so. Ok enough philosophy. What to discover, well here’s an idea- wild water swimming. 

What is wild water swimming?

Wild water swimming is exactly what you might think it is, it’s swimming in water that is wild. It could be a river, a pond or a lake. It is the ultimate way to be at one with nature. There is an initial shock to the body and then slowly your breathing slows down and your experience enhances as a feeling of belonging takes over. This might seem far fetched but there’s something incredibly familiar about taking the plunge. 

Why go wild water swimming?

Want to de-stress? Want to be happier? Well, you can and it’s free. Wild water swimming has been linked to increasing mood, how? By plunging into the natural waters your body releases serotonin and dopamine. Not only that but by training your body to immerse into the cold regularly and experience a cold shock, your body learns how to handle micro stresses in everyday life.

Our top 10 spots 2hrs from London to go wild water swimming

River Wey, Artington
Frensham Great Pond, Surrey
Caversham, Henley-on-Thames
Shillingford, Oxfordshire
River Medway, Kent
Leybourne Lake, Kent
Kirby cross, Essex
Grantchester, Cambridge
Chipstead Lake, Kent
River Beane, Hertfordshire

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