9 March 2021

Nemo: Top 5 UK road trip hotels

We asked travel experts their top hotels in the UK

Written by Freddie Roux

Staycation is the word of the moment. The good people at google estimate that in the last year there has been a 500% increase in the number of searches for the term. One thing that remains eternally on-trend is road trips but the question now has turned to where to road trip in the UK. We've teamed up with the travel experts at nemo travel to get the inside scoop on where to stay when out on your UK road trip.

1. Another place

Where is it?
The Lake District
Why go?
When it comes to scenic routes and gorgeous views, the Lake District can’t be dismissed. Picturesque roads take you through the gorgeous lakeside villages of Ambeside and Grasmere, to Windermere National Park, home to the largest lake in the UK and some truly epic views.
Another Place is a nemo favourite in the Lake District. It can be found on the shores of Ullswater and boasts uninterrupting, panoramic views over the enchanting lake. Another Place is the ideal place for walking, running and kayaking around the captivating scenery in the Lake District and then relaxing and recuperating in the spa afterwards..
nemo Tip
 For the bravest of travellers, we recommend some wild swimming too!

2. Thyme

Where is it?
The Cotswolds
Why go?
A road trip along the winding country lanes, village hopping through some of the region is quite possibly one of the most quintessentially English trips there is!
Thyme is a country-chic hotel renowned for being a village within a village. Their passion for the land, food and entertainment merges with a love of local heritage, beauty and conservation – making it the perfect Cotswold destination and one of our favourite UK hotels.
nemo Tip
Take a lesson in the cookery school, educating guests about everything from planting to eating!

3. Kinloch Lodge

Where is it?
The Isle of Skye, Scotland
Why go?
You can’t talk about UK road trips without mentioning Scotland. The route from Ben Nevis to the Isle of Skye is one of the most talked about routes in the UK, weaving through 74km of beautiful lochs and mountains, which all have historic stories of their own.
Kinloch Lodge is the perfect landing spot following a long drive, and the roaring fires and _____ armchairs make the hotel a cosy and inviting place to relax. The lodges breath-taking views over the glassy Loch De Nal, and incredible walking routes make for an awesome trip!
nemo Tip
On the journey, stop off to see the Glenfinnan Viaduct – you might recognise it from the Harry Potter movies!

4. The Artist Residence

Where is it?
Penzance, Cornwall
Why go?
The Atlantic Coast is a 275km road which is all about big views. Stretching all the way from Bath to Falmouth, the road is sandwiched between barley fields and beach breaks. We recommend stopping off at Exmoor National Park for a hike across the moors!
The Artist residence is perfectly situated near the southern-most point of the Atlantic Coastal route. It’s eccentric design gives the hotel a trendy and unique, seaside charm. The friendly, easy going atmosphere makes for a relaxing stay, a real home-from-home where the cocktails pack a punch.
nemo Tip
The clubhouse is an ultimate hangout with a smokehouse and bar and is perfect for food and drink throughout the day. 

5. The Endsleigh Hotel

Where is it?
Why go?
Driving on Dartmoor has a bit of everything: epic 360 degree views; maze-like, winding roads; dense woodlands; prehistoric villages, and perhaps most importantly; cost pubs. You should also expect to find sheep, cows and horses on the road – so watch out!
The Endsleigh Hotel is perhaps one of nemo’s prettiest hotels. Built in 1812, this fairytale estate located in the World Heritage site on the Tamar Valley oozes with rural charm. Each of the 19 classically English bedrooms are stylish and unfussy. Head to the boot room to pick up some Hunter wellies for a country walk.
nemo Tip
Take a book and enjoy a quiet afternoon in the gardens.

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