Rent a car, get it delivered

We heard you. Sometimes, you simply don’t have the time and can’t deal with the stress of making the...

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26 April 2021

Spontaneity Delivered

Spontaneity is born into the Virtuo DNA. In just a few clicks, you can book and unlock one of our cars and even have it delivered to your door. Sometimes, acting on impul...

26 April 2021

Adventure Delivered

You’ve chosen adventure. If there’s one thing better than an adventure, it’s two adventures, if there’s one thing better than two adventures, it's three. If you agree the...

26 April 2021

Discovery Delivered

You’ve chosen Discovery. Remember when you first discovered X, the seamlessness of which it fitted neatly into your life? A life you now can’t imagine without it. It took...

26 April 2021

Experience Delivered

You've chosen experience. For most, just having a Virtuo delivered to your front door and collected when you’re finished is enough of an experience to rave about all summ...

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