Virtuo’s top non-coronavirus related recommendations

Hopefully you're sailing through this period, using the time to do things you've planned to do but n...

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12 March 2020

How we're combatting coronavirus

By now we’re all aware of the crisis that is a coronavirus. The World Health Organisation has officially changed its status from epidemic to pandemic. We have seen it spr...

4 March 2020

We need to stop owning cars: here's why

If you are in a city right now stand up and look out the window. I bet an imaginary £10 that you can either see a car on the road or parked up. Cars are everywhere, we ha...

24 February 2020

Where to look for damage on your rental car

We’ve all been there, you've rented a car on holiday and you then you feel you have to drive incredibly cautiously to make sure you don’t make a bump or scrape. At Virtuo...

4 March 2020

Case study: Free the future generations

As part of our Made Possible by Virtuo campaign we met Alex, a London based entrepreneur who co-runs his own social media agency. Alongside juggling the highs and lows o...

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