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26 April 2021

Rent a car, get it delivered

We heard you. Sometimes, you simply don’t have the time and can’t deal with the stress of making the trip to pick up your Virtuo. We’ve been there, too much luggage to carry or maybe it’s a Friday and the last thing after work that you want to do is travel into London to then travel out. What we’re saying is, we get it. Whilst our pick up option is still super convenient for the majority of you, sometimes you just want your car dropped outside your house so all you need to do is unlock and go. But, that’s not where your experience with Virtuo stops. Together, we can do so much more. 

1 April 2022

The perfect day trip from London

Spontaneity is born into the Virtuo DNA. In just a few clicks, you can book and unlock one of our cars and even have it delivered to your door. Sometimes, acting on impulse is exactly what the doctor ordered. Check out our itinerary of a recent trip made to Whitstable and perhaps it might just spark some spontaneity in your life. 

11 April 2022

Try the Adventure Challenge

If there’s one thing better than an adventure, it’s two adventures, if there’s one thing better than two adventures, it's three. If you agree then the Virtuo Adventure Challenge might be for you. Here’s what you have to do: 3 adventures, 48 hours, 1 Virtuo. Adventure delivered. Whether you’re hiking, biking or tree walking - we want to see what you come up with. If you document your trip and send us through your adventures we will give you £20 rental credit. Want some ideas of what to do? We’ve got you: 

18 April 2022

Discover the joys of wild water swimming

Remember when you first discovered X, the seamlessness of which it fitted neatly into your life? A life you now can’t imagine without it. It took pushing yourself outside your comfort zone to initially trying it but now there’s no looking back. X will mean something different for everyone. It feels good when we discover things as sentient beings we are born to do so. Ok enough philosophy. What to discover, well here’s an idea- wild water swimming. 

25 April 2022

7 unique experiences to try in the UK

For most, just having a Virtuo delivered to your front door and collected when you’re finished is enough of an experience to rave about all summer. Not only that but having a Virtuo that you unlock with your phone is, even more, to get excited about. However, for those who are hungry for something different, we’ve put together 7 unique experiences to try this summer. 

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