15 June 2020

8 Unique experiences to try in the UK this summer

It's time to try something different this summer...

Written by Adam

We will forgive you for being tempted to explore away from the UK, but in light of recent events, we think you will be surprised by the array of interesting and unique experiences in the UK. Not only that, you can enjoy a bit of Rome at Hadrian’s wall, discover the path to Jerusalem in Nottingham and find the inspiration for Middle Earth in Gloucestershire.

Explore Rome along Hadrian’s Wall

Step back a long way in history and discover the remains of Hadrian’s wall, built in AD122. Taking over 6 year to construct and requiring 15,000 to build it by hand, the wall spans a 73 mile route. Whilst just 10% of the wall survives today, you will be blown away by this feat of Roman engineering. The whole route is easily accessible by car, so you can explore to your hearts (and feet!) content.

Kick back at the drive-in Football Cinema in London & Manchester

Enjoy live football again, but not like you’ve ever experienced before. We have partnered with 4 The Fans who are putting on drive-in football events near Manchester and London. Watch your team’s Premier League and Champions league games from the comfort of a Virtuo with drinks and snacks delivered to your car.

Give Bog Snorkelling a try in Wales

Yes, you read that right. Why not try something a little different and get involved in the World Bog Snorkelling Championships this August, in the town of Neuadd Arms in Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales. If you aren’t too competitive, you can enter the fancy dress section to win the globally renowned prize of ‘Best Dressed Bog Snorkeller’. 

Wild Camp at Yes Tor, Dartmoor

For wild campers, Dartmoor has become the holy grail of destinations as you are legally allowed to camp here. Discover a peace and serenity that only wild camping can provide, when you fall asleep beneath the stars and wake up to sunrise. Remember, make sure you follow the latest guides in the wild camping map and that your tent pitch is at least 100m away from the road and not visible by road or houses.

Discover J.R.R Tolkien’s inspiration for The Lord of the Rings in Coleford

Whilst we cannot confirm that this is true, we can definitely imagine it could be the case. Puzzlewood in the forest of Dean, covers 14-acres with bridges, rock and tree formations and winding pathways. A perfect family day out, discover farm animals, outdoor picnic tables, a cafe, children’s playground and more!

Check in to England’s oldest inn in Nottingham

This Trip To Jerusalem Inn has long been known to be a refreshment stop for crusaders heading to Jerusalem in the 12th century and some say King Richard the Lionheart’s knights also stopped here before marching onto to fight the saracens. This inn is situated at the base of the cliffs of Nottingham castle, and these cliffs were the perfect brewing environment before modern technologies stepped in.

Gaze in awe in the Britain’s largest cave chamber, North Yorkshire

This cave system is usually only accessible by experienced cave explorers, however in August two local caving clubs run a winch meet,  where members of the public will be lowered into the cave on a boatswain’s chair. The chamber is an astonishing 98m deep and usually has a substantial waterfall. This cave system is 16.6km, so plenty to explore!

Go to Glastonbury, Somerset

No, we don’t mean the festival, the town is eclectic to say the least and worth a visit on it’s own. Church of England sites sit side-by-side to buddhist temples, in the same high street you can buy armoury yet also buy some crystals. The main attraction is the Tor, with a ruined church and countless myths to go with it, many say this is the burial site of King Arthur!

COVID-19 Disclaimer

Whilst we would love for you to check out all of the proposed activities, not all are currently open but many will be later in the summer. Keep tabs on them and do your bit to support local businesses in need.

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