24 June 2021

Welcome onboard your Tesla

Our tips to get the maximum out of your Tesla rental

Written by Adam

More than a car, the Tesla is an experience in itself. And at Virtuo, creating unique experiences is our speciality. From the intelligent trip planner to in-car entertainment to voice commands, this car has it all. So, to make it easier to get the hang of it on the big day, we've put together this handy guide for you to enjoy.

Discover the full Tesla experience in this video

Tesla cars are out of this world. Discover some of the features that will revolutionize your vision of mobility. Forget everything you know about electric or internal combustion cars. The experience is unique. You can now find the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in the Virtuo fleet. Get ready for an electric summer!⚡

“Take me to the beach” Your Tesla will guide the way

Your Tesla is intelligent, it will plan your route including supercharging points at the right time along the way. To start your journey, enter your destination in the navigation section on the central screen. Now follow the navigation from your Tesla, easy as that!

Must-try feature: Voice command
Maximise your trip with the help of voice command, just press the right dial on the steering wheel and ask your Tesla whatever you need! Change of music, temperature or even destination, just say the word.
How does the central screen work?
To better understand the central screen and all the functionality that it has, we recommend watching this short 5 minute video that will unlock all you need to know.

Unlimited travel: best range on the market and free supercharging

Who says you can't go electrically far? Your Tesla has one of the longest ranges on the market. Not only that, for the duration of your rental you will have access to the Tesla Superchargers network. Plug into one of these super-fast charging points and watch your car recover up to 185 miles of range in just 15 minutes.

There are 3 ways to charge your Tesla during your rental.

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Where is the charging socket?
The Tesla's charging socket is located behind the 'fuel cap' on the driver's side. You can open the hatch directly from the navigation screen or by pushing it in manually.


To activate the Tesla Autopilot, press down on the gear lever on the right side of the steering wheel twice. When you activate this feature 3 things happen:

Your Tesla will stay on course
The car will follow the route planned, staying in its lane. At this point you can take your hands off the wheel but be careful, if you let go of the steering wheel for too long, the car will send you audible alerts.
The car will adapt to whats around it
The car will accelerate and brake depending on the situation. You can adjust the distance to the car in front by using the dial on the right hand side of the steering wheel
Your car will manage its speed
By reading road signs, your car will adapt to varying speed limits. You can adjust the speed limit using the left dial on the steering wheel.

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