15 May 2020

Top 5 things we learnt from our European survey

Friends, holidays and the commute...

Written by Freddie Roux

We recently ran a survey across Europe to find out a bit about post lockdown and how mobility is likely to be affected in this new way of living. We heard from 2120 people and discovered some interesting patterns that we were definitely not expecting. If you want to find out what the number one post lockdown desires was and what commuting might look like then read on! 

Family and Friends we love you and we miss you!

When asked what was the first thing you wanted to do when we came out of lockdown 43% of you said you wanted to see your loved ones. 21% of you want to recharge your batteries and 18% are dreaming of a walk somewhere other than your local neighbourhood. 

Gimmie gimmie gimmie (a few days away)

A total of 63% of you are desperate to get away for a few days whenever possible. It seems there truly is no place like home with the majority of you planning on a staycation this year. Your number one place for a post lockdown energizer was at the seaside with over 65% of you wanting some sand between your feet. The leafy green countryside was a close 2nd choice. 

Hit the road jack...but do come back

The car is the go to choice for journeys over 100km with 71% of you now planning on jumping behind the wheel, this is an increase of 20%. A big reason for this is the hesitancy over plane and train travel which is both down 10% from previous levels.

The end of the stuffy commute?

Cars are now voted as the most popular method for getting to work, 50% of you are now planning on using the 4-wheels. Public transport almost halved with only 18% choosing it as a preferred choice. You can expect to see a lot more work clothes and trainers combo with 11% opting to walk the commute.

Driving, but like you’ve never seen it before…

The car is naturally the go-to in a situation like this but 64% of those who owned a car said that they are considering selling their car. Why? I hear you ask, well, a third say they hardly use it, 25% are anticipating reduced spending because of impending economic crisis and 18% are concerned with the environmental impact. 

Initially, this seems confusing, most people want to use the car but a large chunk are considering selling. This can be explained by the host of on-demand options that are both flexible and cost-effective, there is truly no need to own a car. You can check out a recent article we wrote on this topic!

So, Covid has truly shaken up the way we live our lives and this change extends to the way we move. The ‘new normal’ is going to see us valuing our family and friends, supporting our local economies and avoiding the cramped train.

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