15 September 2020

Introducing: virtuo Delivered

virtuo Delivered - the world’s first 100% contactless car rental delivery

Written by Adam

Since the UK came out of lockdown we’ve been seeking ways to support Londoners. Whether that be those who live far away from Virtuo stations, those who have concerns over public transport or those who just want to lie in on a Saturday morning! Having partnered with the NHS to provide free cars to doctors and nurses, further developed our rigorous cleaning process and provided hand wipes in all cars we wanted to see what else we could do. This led us to the development of Delivery and CollectionThe team has been working tirelessly to create this innovative solution that is 100% contactless. This new service means no dragging luggage around town, no coming into central London to come back out again and it makes saying goodbye to your Virtuo even easier (as we know it can be tough). The new service is officially available on iPhone, you just need to ensure you have the latest iOS app. As always with Virtuo, we have kept things simple with the cost bundled in with the price you see in the app. Discover more now...

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You asked, we delivered (and collected)

We always want to hear feedback and in one of our recent surveys, many of you were keen for a delivery and collection service - now we have delivered. Virtuo is a journey, one where we hope to shape the mobility of the future together, and this is only possible by working closely with our customers and developing the product and service as best as possible to fit your needs. 

How does it work?

Select the delivery option and book your Mercedes A-Class or GLA to your preferred address. 
On the day of your rental, your Virtuo will be delivered as close as possible to the address provided ahead of the booking start time (if there is a safe place to park). You will receive a notification that your Virtuo has arrived where you can then go to the car. 
The start of the rental is the same as at a Virtuo station, unlock the car with your phone and carry out the AI powered damage report, ensuring you check in detail the car. Then you hit the road!
Bring the car back to the address indicated at the time of booking, complete the in-app damage report, follow the process to take 4 photos of the car and input the exact location. Then end the rental and our driver will pick the car up, you will receive a notification when this is completed. 

Where is it available?

Whilst our London stations are all strategically located, the delivery & collection service is available across the majority of London's zones 1-3. Check out the map below to check if you are in our designated zone...

Hygiene precautions

As always, your safety, comfort and experience are our priority, so we are continuing to take all necessary measures to ensure this.

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Some common questions

What times are available?
This service is available 7 days a week between 7.30 - 22.00
Can I book it for the same day?
Whereas pickup is available 24/7, the delivery and collection service must be booked a minimum of 24 hours in advance
Can my Virtuo be delivered and collected from a different address
This is not currently possible, your delivery address must be the same as the collection address
What if you are unable to park and leave the car for me?
If our driver is unable to find a safe place to park the car, you will be contacted to come to the car's location with the driver and collect the car right away
What about paying for parking?
You are liable for the parking of your Virtuo during the rental contract hours
Is your cancellation policy still 3 hours for delivery and collection?
For the delivery and collection service, we have maintained our cancellation policy of 3 hours, however there is a minimum of 24 hours for any modifications made to the booking
What if I want to end my rental earlier?
You are of course able to end your rental earlier and leave the car at the pick up point, however you will still be liable for any parking fees for the duration of the original rental contract
Is congestion charge included?
The congestion charge is not included in delivery & collection. If your delivery and collection is within the zone, you will be liable to pay for the charge
I can’t see the delivery option?
Make sure you are on an Iphone and have the latest update
Can I book on desktop
Currently, it is only possible to book a Virtuo Delivery through the app
Is it possible to get a baby seat with a DnC booking?
Yes this will be possible
Can you modify the delivery address after you have made the booking?
No, it is not possible to modify the address for now, you would have to cancel and rebook - this is a feature we are hoping to offer in the coming months
Can you extend your mileage once your rental has started?
No, it is not possible to extend your mileage once your rental has started
Can you extend rental duration once your rental has started?
No, this is not possible but is something we are looking to roll out in the next few months

Available devices

The Virtuo Delivery service is only currently available on iOS and can only be booked through the app (not available on desktop).

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