26 November 2019

Meet the team behind the new app: Aarti Tewari

Meet Aarti Tewari - Quality Assurance Lead

Written by Adam

As part of the launch of the new app, we sat down with a few of the key figures in the creation of the new app. One of these key figures is Aarti Tewari, who is in charge testing all elements of the app to ensure all runs as smooth as possible. Her role has been integral to ensuring that new launch has been without speed bumps and was a seamless transition - after all, seamless experiences are what we are all about. We sat down with Aarti to better understand the quality assurance function and her role in the V3 app.

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Who are you and what was your role in producing the new app?

I am the quality assurance lead at Virtuo, working closely with the developers and product owners. The core of my role is to ensure that the app is always functional, bug free and ensure a clear and seamless flow for our customers. I am driven and focused on ensuring we always provide a perfect service.

How long have you been with Virtuo?

I have recently completed 10 months with Virtuo and it’s been a great journey so far which include working on some exciting features , learning new technologies and getting know some brilliant set of people

What are the key principles of quality assurance?

- The focus on the needs of our customers to ensure our solution is easy to use and adds some value to their day to day life.
- Early participation as a ‘Assurance Organization’ [QA and Testing] so that I focus my energies on resolving issues that are discovered from the very beginning of the transformation cycle.
- An effort to continuously improve our product by not settling with things which can be improved later.
- Highlighting issues on right time and to the right people so that they can be treated on time.
- Constant effort to make our Test environments to simulate user behavior in order to ensure that the business experience is well-laid out and consistent
- To set a clear example of Team work by having a close knitted relationship with POs , developers and Customer support team.
-And the last but not the least to be the leader /owner of whatever issues come our way and handle them effectively to give them the right direction.

How many tests did you have to carry out?

We carried out more than 1000 test cases on the app which were repeated for all the 4 languages we support. Also as we currently have multiple iPhone devices in the market, hence we repeated all the tests on different iphone devices to make sure the customers have the best experience irrespective of which device they have.

In layman's terms, the number of test cases don’t define the coverage as long as all the functionalities are well covered and tested.

What is the hardest part of it?

The hardest part is to ensure that we always meet perfection with tight deadlines. If I am raising issues that come from testing, it is important to keep the team motivated to ensure all issues are fixed ahead of launch. At Virtuo, our app is launched and must be fully functional across 4 languages with a range of different devices which means there is a range of challenges to overcome.

What can we expect from the new Virtuo app?

The new app is a huge step forward through its intuitive and informative design. We are looking forward to seeing what our customers think of the new features, new key and the massively improved rental experience.

What excites you the most about the new app?

Being the QA tester, I'm excited to see the customer satisfaction rate and the rate of bugs (which have been 0% so far) occuring on production to understand our quality level and take measures to improve them in all ways, shape and form.

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