27 May 2020

Best places to test your eyesight in the UK

Goodbye specavers, hello Snowdonia...

Written by Freddie Roux

I didn’t think I would be writing this but Specsavers is no longer the number one place to get your eyes tested. Covid-19 has affected industries up and down the country and has transformed the way we live our lives. We've seen major sporting events put on hold, places of worship forced to close and people’s haircuts are officially the worst we’ve ever seen. What has become clear is that human beings are amazing at adapting. Instead of going to the gym, we now workout in our apartments. Instead of commuting on a stuffy train, we now just go to another room. Instead of getting our eyes tested, we now visit beauty spots. What’s great about the last point is that the UK has beauty spots in abundance. With the staycation looking more and more likely, here at Virtuo we wanted to put together our top 5 places to test your eyesight this summer… 

Snowdonia, Wales

Have you ever wanted to be the tallest person in Wales? No doubt you have! If this is you then you need to check out Snowdonia, officially recorded as the tallest mountain in Wales, it’s home to 1497 miles of public footpaths. My mate said he walked them all in one day so if you’re looking to set another Welsh record, then 23 hours 46 mins is apparently the time to beat. If you look closely (which you should be doing), you’ll see there are a total of 9 mountain ranges in this national park. 

Durdle Door, Jurassic coast

This is British Erosion at its finest. The Durdle door in Devon sits triumphantly on the Jurassic coast and is a great place to squint your eyes and take in the fresh coastal air. The name ‘Durdle’ derives from the old english word ‘thirl’ which means bore. It must have been called that ironically as this place is the complete opposite. 

Arthurs seat, Edinburgh

When it comes to health checks, chairs always seem to have bad connotations. If you so much as mention the dentist chair it gives me a shiver. Well, we can now scratch off the opticians chair because this one will fill you with nothing but joy. Just a 30 minute trip out of Edinburgh, this extinct volcano provides the perfect panoramic view of the great scottish capital.

Cheddar Gorge, Somerset

Looking for a Gorge(ous) place to check your visual acuity? Then get down to the Cheddar Gorge for some amazing views. For me, it has got to be extra mature or I'm not interested, but maybe you beg to differ. What you can be sure of is that if you visit this Somerset village, you'll not only try good cheese, which will help you see in the dark (or is that carrots?) but also, you’ll experience some epic scenery.

Barnard castle, Country Durham

When the WHO said test, test, test, they probably didn’t realise that they were about to put Barnard Castle well and truly on the map for its eye testing capability. As if its rich history wasn’t enough, it can now add that it was at this spot that this whole new way of testing your vision came to life, and it's easy to see why. It is home to some magical french architecture and it houses some of the best european artworks including notable names such as Goya. It's definitely one to check out. 

So, that completes our list. Despite the somewhat tongue-in-cheek tone of this post, it is important to emphasise the importance of only visiting these places when it is safe and recommended to do so. If needed, here at Virtuo we have a fleet of premium cars that are cleaned and disinfected after every rental. You can simply book and unlock one using just your phone with no face to face encounters. Stay alert and definitely do still go to the opticians. 

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