15 July 2020

It's time to be game changers

Because a game isn’t over in the first half

Written by Adam

We’re glass half full kind of people. So let’s scratch the first half of 2020, as they say, a game’s not over in the first half. We are here to be your assistant manager, your quarterback, your caddy, to ensure the rest of the year is the best yet....That is why we are launching game changers, to show that together, we can continue to change the game forever. From weekend trips in the UK, long road trips in Europe or helping you move around safely, we have got your back.

There is a lot of doom and gloom in the world right now, yet we like to try and stay positive at Virtuo. At the moment, we feel we have good reason to feel this positivity...

Four reasons why we are feeling optimistic...

European travel is returning
With some international travel starting to return and the fact your Virtuo comes with European insurance, a summer road trip is back on the cards. Whether you are ready to explore French vineyards or head to the mountains, we will get you there. Don't forget to check out our up to date guide on where you can and cannot travel this summer.
Staycations are booming
 Exploring your own shores has always been something our customers love, whether a trip to the coast, heading home to see family or exploring new pastures - we continue to take you there. We will always champion the UK and the amazing places to explore, what better time to try! Whether you want to know where to travel in the UK by month, the unique and quirky places to stay in the UK or just a weekend away checklist, we have something to keep you inspired.
Sustainable travel
With a reduction in long-haul, international flights, it gives us the opportunity to think about how we travel more sustainably in the long-term. For city dwellers, shared mobility is the perfect way to fulfil your travel needs without the burden of having to own a car and all the hassle that brings. Virtuo Co-founder Thibault Chassagne goes into this in more detail on his on the future of mobility in the new normal.
Stay safe with Virtuo
Safety and cleanliness has always been at the core of what we do and we have taken our safety measures even further in light of recent events. We have always cleaned and maintained our cars after every rental, as well as provide contactless pick-up, to ensure your safety at every step of the journey. More details on the measures we have taken can be found here

Spin the wheel and win instant rewards!

To help make summer even sweeter, we are giving away rewards of up to £100 off your rental - spin the wheel to see if you are a winner:

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